NAHN Illinois Scholarhsip

Every year we recognize qualified members, who demonstrate volunteer commitment and academic excellence in the form of scholarships.

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Scholarship awards are presented to NAHN-Illinois members enrolled in accredited nursing programs.

The selection of recipients is based on current membership activity, academic standing in school, and specific criteria listed below. Scholarship recipients are paid, active members of National Association of Hispanic Nurses Association (NAHN) and NAHN-Illinois who demonstrate a promise of professional contributions to the nursing profession and who have the potential to act as role models for aspiring nursing students. The number of scholarships offered each year is dependent upon the amount in the scholarship fund.  

Criteria for the Scholarship Awards include:  

• NAHN-Illinois scholarship application form completed by the student and submitted by the deadline date.  

• Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from two faculty or nurse leaders outlining the applicant’s academic/clinical excellence and potential future professional contributions to the nursing profession.  

• An essay, 400 words or less (using Times New Roman – 12 font), written by the student that reflects their award qualifications, community engagement, and potential for leadership in nursing.

• A resume, which includes any earned certificates, awards, volunteer community service and or special honors. 

• An official transcript from the applicant’s Nursing Program and/or letter of acceptance from the applicant’s Nursing Program • Academic good standing (minimum GPA of 3.0 preferred).  

• Must be an active-paid NAHN-Illinois member for at least SIX (6) months prior to the application deadline.  

• Scholarship recipients must agree to remain an active member and sign the letter of commitment statement  

• Awardees may reapply and receive up to two scholarships (total of two years).  


All Scholarship application packets must be submitted electronically to:, by August 21st, 2024.

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