HERO Professional (Independent Contractor)

Part-time, flex time independent contractor role conducting clinical trial visits in patient’s homes throughout Illinois and surrounding geographies from which Chicago-based clinical trial investigators may recruit patients.

About Hawthorne Effect:

Founded in 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hawthorne Effect is on a mission to radically change how clinical trials are conducted. We make it possible for anyone to
enroll in a clinical trial regardless of geography, health, mobility, access to transportation, cost or other factors that can result in exclusion from participation. To accomplish mission, we work with clinical trial investigative sites and industry sponsors (pharma and medical device) to move clinical trial screening and follow-up visits out of the clinic and into patients' homes, making it possible for more people to enroll in and stay enrolled in clinical trials. Enabling this service is a proprietary technology platform to enable visit management and a network of healthcare providers whom we call HEROs who conduct protocolized visits. HEROs are RNs, PAs, NPs, MDs and med tech professionals who are interested in professional development, fostering innovation, and sharing meaningful interaction with patients for whom clinical trials are about hope.

In fulfilling its’ mission, HE delivers comprehensive and timely data for investigators and innovators (biotech, med-tech, pharma). By enabling patient follow-up anytime, anywhere, HE helps clinical trial sponsors increase access to and diversity within clinical trials to bring medical innovations to patients sooner and more cost effectively.

Our mission is to make clinical trials accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere. HERO Requirements:

Hawthorne Effect Research Outcome (HERO) professionals are highly skilled and licensed MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, Cardiac Sonographers and other healthcare professionals throughout the US. HEROs come from all specialty areas and can be matched to trials from any therapeutic domain. HEROs do not have to have prior clinical research experience. They are trained and certified on Hawthorne Effect’s online platform in the assessments they will be engaged to perform. And, they are provided with the equipment and supplies to gather and transmit complete and timely data at each visit. Hawthorne Effect also provides professional liability insurance coverage.

Most importantly, our HEROs believe in hope and seek to offer their patients better lives and health by increasing access to clinical trials as a care option. They embody all that is good and revered in the practice of medicine.

  • HEROs understand the importance of human connection and are inspired to
    make interactions more meaningful for both their patients and themselves.
  • HEROs embrace innovation and the use of technology to improve the future of
  • HEROs challenge convention and embrace creativity.
  • HEROs act with integrity and a fierce commitment to the rights of patients.

Engagement & Compensation:

HEROs are independent contractors who engage with Hawthorne Effect on a part-time, flex-time per visit basis. HEROs are matched by visit with patients participating in clinical trials based upon their location, professional credentials and Hawthorne Effect training certifications, schedule preferences (e.g. evenings, weekends, days off) and the specifications prescribed in clinical trial protocols. Opportunities will be offered via email invitation to HEROs based upon their qualifications and visit demand in their geography. Visit needs are determined by the clinical trials and sites that Hawthorne Effect is supporting.

Unlike telemedicine, visits are not “on demand” but rather scheduled in advance based upon clinical trial protocols. They generally take place in a patient’s home but may also take place in another suitable location.

Fee Schedule: The schedule below is representative of expected RN compensation per visit. Actual compensation per visit varies by clinical trial protocol and associated visit complexity and duration. When visit invitations are extended to HEROs, expected visit duration, distance from HERO and compensation offered will be communicated. HEROs are not reimbursed for the cost of travel or mileage to/from a visit. Compensation is “door to door”. Distance traveled by HERO to Patient Visit Complexity

Zone 1 (<= 33 miles)

Zone 2 (34 – 66 miles)

Zone 3 (>= 67 miles)

Level 1 (phone) $50
Level 2 $75.00 $112.50 $150.00
Level 3 $150.00 $225.00 $300.00

Become a HERO:
If you are interested in an opportunity to grow your income, gain research experience and improve your career satisfaction; believe you embody the traits presented above; and are passionate about improving opportunities for patients and the quality and impact of medical research, we would like to hear from you.

Please visit our website to apply: http://hawthorne-effect.com/hero and reference NAHN Illinois in your submission.